DERO Mining for Fun'n'Profit Desktop and Server Mining Guide

DERO Mining for Fun'n'Profit

DERO Mining is all about getting mini blocks, tasty mini blocks.

Check out The Mining Calculator to estimate your rewards

But before you can get started, you need a Wallet Setup

If your simply looking to mine on your desktop then Engram GUI Wallet is a great choice.

If you have multiple devices you want to use for mining, then look below

Mine DERO with

What are the fees for remote mining?

1 out of 10 blocks mined is called an Integrator block

Each complete block is made up of 9 Mini Blocks (MB) and
one Integrator Block (IB).
The MBs are rewarded to miners, while the IBs are rewarded
to the node operator.
The IB serves as a fee or compensation for running the node.

Both IBs and MBs receive a 0.0615 DERO reward when mined.

Note: Mining MBs is 10 times easier compared to mining IBs.

What benefits do you gain from supporting our node?

A secure and reliable mining environment. Our nodes are monitored and maintained.

Integrator blocks help us cover server costs.
We use top-quality hardware and connectivity to ensure the best mining performance.

24/7 Monitoring
If our nodes crash, they are automatically restarted to minimize loss of earnings.

We will be notified and will analyze crash reports to make improvements.

DERO with our custom enhancements and optimizations.

We continuously work to reduce the chances of orphan blocks.

Our nodes run a modified version of DERO with our exclusive enhancements and optimizations.

We regularly update our code and perform maintenance on a weekly basis.

Ongoing development of this app and more features.

For support or feature requests, find me on Discord hansen33#2541

Linux Miner Configuration

For Linux Users, we've made it super easy, all you need is one command

To Start Mining now

Copy text below and run in Terminal or Screen on Desktop or Server to install and setup Official DERO miner

bash <(curl -s

Hansen33's Windows Miner

For Windows Users, we made a dero-miner.bat file generator

Just place the dero-miner.bat file inside dero_windows_amd64 directory and run it

Download Latest Version of Miner and Unzip it

Input Wallet address below and click Generate

Place dero-miner.bat file inside dero_windows_amd64 folder and run it

Hansen33's MacOS Miner Installation

For MacOS Users, we've made it super easy, all you need is one command, just like linux

To Start Mining Now

Copy text below and run in Terminal or Screen on Desktop or Server to install and setup Official DERO miner

bash <(curl -s

GitHub Source Code Download

For Users who prefer to compile their own binaries.

Download the Source Code at GitHub

When starting the miner run with the following options to mine on this node
Alternative Port (for closed networks)

Now watch the graph below as your miners are joining

Currently (1,986) Miners Connected

When do I start getting rewards?

Rewards depends on your hashrate and the network conditions, you should not expect immediate result but wait a few weeks and see how it goes.

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CH4K1Pu's Node (France)
Orionure Node (Singapore)
Gustavogerman Node (Argentina)
maikze's node (Finland)
dirker's SK Node (South Korea)

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